Sunday, February 6, 2011

"The London Fog" by Rebeka Baumgart

Sitting in a cafĂ© with his two best friends and reading the Daily Prophet, a barista brings Harry Potter some coffee. Turning the page, a note fell out of the news paper written boustrophedonly. He picks it up and reads it aloud: “’In the world of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.’ This is ridiculous! This is impossible to figure out, what does it mean?”
Hermione, being that smart one, responds “It is possible to figure out; you just need to understand it.” Waiting for an actual response, he still looks at her for the answer. Ron, becoming really impatient, takes the astute note, and throws it in the garbage. “I was trying to figure out what that meant, thanks Ron; I guess we’ll never know!” Harry said. Looking out the window, he saw the London fog coming in over the bridge. This only meant one thing: Dementors. Harry told Ron and Hermione, and they rushed out the little coffee Shoppe pulling out their wands from their pockets. There was one problem; there were a lot of Muggles around and they couldn’t perform magic in front of them. They tried to think of ways to get them all out, so they can fight the Dementors off, but time was running out. As the first Dementor came flying in over the bridge, the air got colder. With a lot of bravado, Harry raised his wand and performed the Patronous charm. The Dementor went away being pushed by the stag that his Patronous made. Muggles were staring at the three wizards stupendously. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Harry being the only one under age was not allowed to perform magic yet, therefore the Ministry of Magic Apparated where the three wizards were fighting the Dementors. “What is this razzmatazz?” Said one of the three workers, which was a midget. Ron taking advantage of his height attacked him to the ground and stole his wand. Hermione and Harry stunned the other two men and after the three of them Disapparated to get away from the scene. “Wait” Harry said once they arrived at Ron’s house, “I didn’t pay for the coffee!” “All you are worrying about it not being able to pay for your coffee after we fought Dementors off and fighting the Ministry? That’s pathetic…” Hermione let out a small scream of panic; “I saw a shadow” she said taking her wand for safety. “It’s probably nothing…just Fred and George working on their inventions…” responded Ron. Entering the house they smelled a distinct smell of butterbeer. Something all three of them needed after a long day.